Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Phillies FAIL: Phillies Now Charging You $2 To Print Your Tickets At Home

phillies online ticket fees
Phillies tickets we decided NOT to purchase.

No. Shit.

This on top of all the other already fairly exorbitant ticket charges.

The $3.50 - $4.25 per ticket "Convenience Fee" for ordering tickets online was apparently not enough.

Nor was the per order "Order Charge" of $4.

New this year, apparently in an effort to gouge their fans even further, the Phillies are now charging a $2 "Delivery Charge" if you select the Email/Print-at-Home delivery method for tickets purchased online.

Granted, a $2 fee by itself wouldn't be that bad. Combined with the other ticket fees, however, it becomes more noticeable. (In the example above, there is a grand total of $14 of fees on a $60 face-value ticket purchase, which equals a 23% up-charge for "fees" in this instance. It becomes an even larger percentage up-charge with less expensive tickets.)

Then considering what the Phillies are charging the fee for makes it even more egregious. It has to be one of the most illogical ticketing "fees" to date — they're basically charging fans extra for selecting an option that saves the Phillies organization money.

The Print-at-Home ticket option was first introduced as a convenience to fans so they wouldn't have to deal with long lines at will call or wait to get their tickets via postal mail. (And as a money saver for teams since they wouldn't have ticket-printing or -mailing costs.)

Leave it to the Phillies to start charging fans for said "convenience."

Seriously, Phillies? That's low.

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FreeseDogg said...

but somehow it's free for them to print it and mail it to your house. you're sure to get your tickets before gameday, so as long as you're not buying tickets for a game a few days away, get the real thing for free.

makes no sense...