Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Philadelphia City Council Wisely Considers Ban On Plastic Bags And Styrofoam Containers

From KYW 1060:
A Philadelphia City Council committee held a public hearing on Friday on proposed legislation that would put limits on plastic shopping bags and styrofoam food containers in Philadelphia.

Members of various environmental groups turned out in force to support the proposed legislation that would prohibit the use of plastic bags at all retail stores, or impose a so-called "green fee" of 25 cents per plastic bag.

Dennis Winters testified on behalf of the Sierra Club:

"Millions of these bags end up in landfills, but millions more end up littering our streets, catching in our city's trees, or being flushed by storm water into our rivers and ultimately into the ocean."

The legislation would also require that styrofoam food packaging be replaced by containers that are biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable.
Regarding styrofoam, one restaurateur is already at least one step ahead: Stephen Starr Events Catering serves its food in green, biodegradable take-out containers instead of styrofoam.

Unfortunately, however, they do still offer plastic bags to customers at check out.

Baby steps.

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Holly H. said...

Any word on what we can do to persuade City Council to get on board? Have you heard of anything?

Anonymous said...

Start charging 25 cents per bag Philadelphia? I will take my money outside of the city and shop somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

You can send an email to Council members through
www.nextgreatcity.org. Click on Take Action.