Monday, May 11, 2009

NYC's Death & Co. Rumored To Be Opening Outpost In Philly, Potentially Named Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.

Death & Co. in New York City
Death & Co. in Manhattan, possibly coming soon to Bar Noir? | Photo via Eater

Down By The Hipster breaks the news that the people behind the serious cocktail bar Death & Co. in the East Village (above) are planning on opening up an outpost in Philadelphia.
Was at the bar at Death and Co. last night and overheard one of the bartenders (young guy, blond hair) talking about a new bar the Death and Co. folks are opening in Philly.

Said it was going to be a similar layout to Death and Co. and called the Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company (1920 gangster founded investment bank used to launder money led by one of Arnold Rothsteins people).
So it's rumored to be going in the old Bar Noir location on 18th Street, which we could definitely see happening. The subterranean space should accommodate their motif well. And this block of 18th Street should be immune to any neighbor complaints.

Which alludes to one possible reason for the Death & Company crew to be coming to Philly: co-owner David Kaplan has been spurned and harassed by New York City's regulations and community boards all too often:
"I'll never open another bar, another restaurant, a deli, a fucking bodega—I’ll never open up anything ever again in New York," [Kaplan] said. "It's awful."
We empathize: neighbors are the fucking rake.

Oh, well. New York's loss may be Philadelphia's gain. And we would certainly welcome this development with wide-open arms.

After all, even Frank Bruni loves him some Death & Co. And that man is not that easiest to please.

UPDATE: Confirmed.
Proprietors LLC, a design and consulting company started by Death & Co Founder and Co-Owner David Kaplan, has been working on a project in Philadelphia in the Rittenhouse Square area.

David, along with designer Jack Dakin (most recently of Rockwell Group) and Alex Day (Death & Co bartender and cocktail consultant), has been working on the design and bar program for the upcoming spot to be named The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co.
Death & Company to Philly? [ Down By The Hipster via MP Philadelphia ]
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Gabriel Rosenkoetter said...

I've heard the same thing, several months ago, from that same bartender (who's Alex Day, incidentally), when attending a home bartending class he and Will Wilmot (formerly of PDT, now a Latin teacher) taught at the Astor Center.

I'd been waiting till Tales of the Cocktail (in NOLA in July) to try to find out anything more, but it's nice to hear the concept's still in the air.