Friday, May 15, 2009

Is Craig Laban A Candidate To Replace Frank Bruni At The New York Yimes?

Frank Bruni brought the food blogosphere to its knees yesterday with the news that he'd be giving up the restaurant critic beat at the New York Times in August.

So who is going to replace him? And is Craig Laban on the short list?

Well, according to the oddsmakers at Eater, no.

However, in their assessment, the restaurant critics for both the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times are.

So being that Laban is one of the best critics at a next-tier paper (top tier being the Times, Post and LA Times), we're thinking that he'll get consideration. (Clearly, he can still write quite effectively about burgers.)

Whether he has any interest in the position in the first place, who knows.


BruniBetting: So, Who'll Replace King Brunz?
[ Eater ]
Frank Bruni Moving To Times Magazine, Bill Keller Announces [ Diner's Journal ]


Anonymous said...

Craig Laban has poor odds because his reviews are unreadable. Bruni's are entertaining even for those with no plans to visit new york or any of the restaurants he mentions in the near future.

I don't think its their titles that have qualified other major city reviewers to be in the running @ eater, but their actual ability to write an interesting and clever review.

Whoever it is has some big shoes to fill. IMHO shoes a bit too large for Craig. Hoping they will pull someone from the wine world, or perhaps theatre. It'd be great to see them pull another Bruni from their hats. Terribly sad to see him go.

Anonymous said...

you also need a palate to be the critic at the NYT. and some big balls.

Steve Polito said...

The NYTimes would be lucky to have Craig.