Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Introducing Center City's First Green Hotel: A First Look At Kimpton's Sure-To-Be-Awesome Hotel Palomar Philadelphia

hotel palomar philadelphia by kimpton
Breaking: The Hotel Palomar Philadelphia will be LEED certified.

Above is a rendering of the main entrance to the future Hotel Palomar Philadelphia as seen from across 17th Street in front of the Sofitel.

The ground floor of the hotel will feature a chef-driven restaurant and bar. The concept and chef of which, however, is yet to be seen as Kimpton is keeping it well under wraps.

A guest room at the Hotel Palomar Philadelphia | Photo via Kimpton Hotels

Also, as we noted last week, the Hotel Palomar Philadelphia will have a penthouse ballroom with sweeping city views and terraces, but alas, the ballroom and terraces will only be accessible for private events. (For shame.)

Redeemer: the hotel will be applying for LEED certification.

This is the first we've heard about Kimpton's intentions to get the Hotel Palomar Philadelphia project certified by the U.S. Green Building Council.

So big news.

And good for Kimpton. Kimpton's development strategy in Philadelphia of adaptive reuse of the Architects Building was pretty much perfect. (And again at the Robert Morris Building.)

Icing: the project is slightly ahead of schedule and is now looking to open in mid-October of this year.

Which means, by the looks of things, Philadelphia will finally get a cool boutique hotel property (and a green one at that) opened before the end of this decade, i.e. before the start of 2010.

And how.

Big ups to Kimpton for doin it right.

Meanwhile, we invite you to c
ompare and contrast the execution of Team Kimpton here with that of the certified non-geniuses at Starwood who have been trying, incredibly unsuccessfully we might add, to develop a W Hotel in Philadelphia for more than 10 years now. (Remember Will Smith's failed attempt?)

Exhibit A.) Kimpton evaluated the market in Philadelphia in 2007, easily identified a great location, and, presto, the project will be finished in less than two years from when it was first announced.

Exhibit B.) Meanwhile, Starwood keep getting in bed with amateur developers and picking B-grade locations. (12th and Arch? New Market? Really? Awesome location scouting.) And, as a result, W is still nowhere close to opening a property in Philadelphia. Which we're totally ok with.

Right now, we're just going to enjoy watching Kimpton's Hotel Palomar Philadelphia open this fall and go on to be a runaway success.

And wish her a very warm welcome along the way.

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