Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Confirmed: Stephen Starr Bringing Brooklyn Style Pizza To Philadelphia

motorino pizza in brooklyn
Pies from the wood-fired oven at Motorino in Brooklyn | Photo via NY Times

KYW's Hadas Kuznits was able to corner Stephen Starr and get him to confirm some deets on his pizza restaurant plans for Headhouse Square.
"I've been wanting to do pizza for a long time because I usually do things that I want. And I can't get really good pizza here in Philadelphia, so I'm just doing what I want to eat!"

He says they'll offer lunch, dinner, and may even a little Italian-style breakfast. But they will specialize in pizza:

"It's going to be real thin-crust, Brooklyn-style pizza, which you'd think is served here but it's not. Here it's just thick, doughy pizza. We're doing a lot of research on this."

And the tentative name?

"It's probably gonna be called Pizza Select. That's the name that I think -- I actually went to Paris and I saw a bistro called 'Le Select' and I liked the name. So I think it may be called Pizza Select."

He's hoping to have it open by the fall:

"I'd say sometime in September. September, October."
Pizza research is a good time.

Surely, Motorino is on his list:

margherita pie at motorino in brooklyn
The Pizza Margherita at Motorino in Brooklyn | Photo via NY Times

Maybe not exactly "traditional" Brooklyn-style, but at least it's made in Brooklyn.

Stephen Starr Creating a Pizza Restaurant for Headhouse Square [ KYW 1060 ] via MP Philadelphia

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