Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Are The Burgers At The Franklin Square Burger Shack Going To Be Made Of?

pat lafrieda wholesale meat in new york[ Photo via A Hamburger Today ]

This is probably the most important question leading up to the opening of Stephen Starr's much anticipated (ahem) Franklin Square Burger Shack.

In all probability, Starr wants to emulate (to a certain extent) the success of Danny Meyer's Shake Shack in Madison Square.

Thus, keep in mind that Shake Shack has enjoyed such amazing success explicitly because of the attention that was given its burgers and their meat. It was the original Shake Shack burger meat blend that began the Pat LaFrieda burger meat craze that has since swept New York.

Five years ago, before Shake Shack opened, Meyer approached LaFrieda (a wholesale meat supplier in New York) with a request:
Elevate the common hamburger from a fast food staple to higher-quality fare that diners would go out of their way for. LaFrieda created a special chopped meat blend made of top-tier ingredients. "He created a blend that's made us all famous," says Randy Garutti, Shake Shack's managing partner.
Both LaFrieda and Shake Shack took off from there — Shake Shack just opened its third location and LaFrieda is now supplying more than 40 exclusive high-end burger blends to restaurants across the country, including Minetta Tavern.

Meanwhile, note that the Shake Shack blend of high-end ingredients still produces a burger (right) that retails for less than $5. In New York. Where you can't get anything for less than $5.

So needless to say, we hope Stephen Starr has taken note. Of all this.

The cost. The quality. And especially the part about creating a burger that diners would go out of their way for.

Franklin Square is definitely out of their way. And while Franklin Square got close to a million visitors last year, this Burger Shack should not just be for the families/kids that already use the park.

We sincerely hope Starr is going to make a true destination out of it.

He definitely should.

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This blog is the sole reason I'm craving a hamburger right now. A legit one with blood everywhere on my hands and the plate.

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