Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wall Street Journal Reviews American Gins, Bluecoat Rated "The Shit"

Not literally.

But you get the idea.

Philadelphia's own Bluecoat is one of the top two rated gins out of 12 in a blind taste-test, and at $27, comes in $13 less than the other top-rated label.
The most successful new American gins are willing to embrace complex flavors, but do so with a light, deft touch.
Proclaiming its perfume with what looks like a cobalt cologne bottle is Philadelphia's Bluecoat gin. The juniper is bright and clear, embellished delicately with the scent of citrus and spice. It strikes an admirable balance between the dry herbal qualities of a good gin and the embellishments exotic botanicals can provide.
With gin and tonic season right around the corner, you should probably have a bottle ready to go at home. But right now, we kinda just really want a Bluecoat martini.

American Entrants in the Gin Game
[ Wall Street Journal ]

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