Friday, April 03, 2009

Stephen Starr On His Forthcoming Burger Shack In Franklin Square: It's Good Karma

"And I'll tell you another thing: I wish Ben Franklin wasn't making me wear this ridiculous apron. Next question."

Yes, yes it is.

The official announcement came on Thursday in the shape of a press conference at Franklin Square.

Stephen Starr was there offering choice sound bites, including the following (also via press releases):
"Franklin Square has always been one of my daughter's favorite places in the city, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to create a concept for her and other families visiting the park.

We are ready to serve the best burgers, hot dogs and shakes that everyone can enjoy while maintaining the quality service and cuisine Starr Restaurants has become known for," Starr said.

"Franklin Square is a piece of Philadelphia history and it is an honor for us to become a part of its future."
The best burgers, dogs and shakes you say? In a park? Genius. Wonder where he got that idea. (Oh wait, recognizing and appropriating good ideas from other places is actually highly intelligent and encouraged.)

Whatever. It’s cool that Starr is doing this kinda altruistically (or at least professing as much):
Starr (in photo above) says he's not expecting to make a lot of money on the project, but that’s not his motivation:

"It's sort of a civic thing, to give something back to the city. I love kids, I have kids. And my daughter, who's nine, loves this playground. So I think it's good karma."
Ok, Ok. Kids are great and all. And so is karma. But don’t forget about the frickin' foodies and adults. They want a truly fantastic burger. Like, five star shit.

They (and we) have high hopes for this place. Don’t let them (or us) down. Cool?

And what’s this about a name. Try to think of something good. Note: Shake Shack is already taken, smart guy.

One more thing: try to make sure that the burger shack's permanent building, which will be built by end of summer, is legit and not some little red brick hut. That would be a let down. Being in a park and all, it should probably be green, like its inspiration. (Maybe even LEED certified.) See Independence Mall.

Just sayin.

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[ Photo via KYW 1060 ]


Anonymous said...

Independence Mall Cafe..check, Franklin Square..check...Logan Square/Parkway Cafe...check,
So when does the city step up and set up a permanent adult beverage cafe in Rit Square w/ great sight lines and people watching seating?

hungry crasian said...

what do you call parc?