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Phillies Ticket Prices Up 10%, Now 5th Most Expensive In Baseball; Not Exactly In Line With Commissioner's New 'Fan Value' Marketing Push

phillies citizens bank park philadelphiaOpening day today.

And on account of the troubled economy and lower projected ticket sales, the commissioner of Major League Baseball, Bud Selig, just announced the creation of the Commissioner’s Fan Initiative, which is designed to make fans more aware of the amount of affordable ticket promotions offered by the 30 Major League teams.
Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig announced today the creation of the Commissioner's Fan Initiative, which is designed to make fans aware of the growing number of affordable ticket and event promotions offered by the 30 Major League Clubs.
As part of the Commissioner's Fan Initiative, Major League Baseball is unveiling the Fan Value Corner on and highlighting a variety of other new initiatives by the clubs. Additional programs within the initiative will be unveiled throughout the season.

"Throughout its long and distinguished history, baseball has always served as a diversion for its fans in difficult times," Selig said. "As the country faces new challenges, Major League Baseball is stepping up its efforts to make the game more affordable and to demonstrate to its fans how important they are to us."

"Through a variety of promotions, fans will be able to stretch their entertainment dollar for a memorable experience at the ballpark, as we will offer great value and the most affordable ticket of any major professional sport.
Sounds good to us. In theory at least.

The Fan Value Corner compiles all teams’ ticket promotions in one place. But don't expect to be overwhelmed by great deals from the Phillies — the best they got is Dollar Dog Days, E-Savers (games TBD), and $3 Discounted Rush Tickets at the window on day of game.

(The Phillies like to cite their Power Tickets as one of their big “value” promotions — unfortunately for them, paying $10 extra for a $10 concession credit is not value, it’s actually kinda stupid. Paying $10 extra on your ticket for a $15 concession credit would be value. Paying x amount extra for x amount of concession credit is not value. At least they’re still doing Dollar Dog Days…)

Meanwhile, according to a Team Marketing Research report, the Phillies now have the 5th most expensive average ticket prices in the league, after a 10% jump over 2008 prices.

The study also calculated and compared what it calls the Fan Cost Index — an estimation of what the game experience would cost two adults and two children to attend. The Phillies come in as 8th most expensive FCI, at $220, a 10.2% increase over 2008.

Not exactly cheap.

So, Phillies, hope you plan on sending a lot of value offers via your E-Savers, like Buy One-Get One Free tickets, Free Power Ticket upgrades, etc. Then we might appreciate the purported "value."

Keep in mind, no one is trying to break the bank attending games this year.

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That Was Quick; Phillies Hike Ticket Prices For 09 Before Fans Can Even Take A Championship-Induced Crap

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