Monday, April 20, 2009

La Colombe Opens Second Manhattan Outpost, Equaling Count in Philly

Apparently, New York is ripe(r) for the taking.

From Eater:
Soho: Today, New York's second outpost of Philly's renowned coffee roaster La Colombe has opened on 270 Lafayette (between Houston and Prince). Though they supply some of the best restaurants in the city—from Le Bernardin, Daniel, and Jean Georges to Brown Cafe—until now the only Colombe coffee shop was tucked away in the Tribeca/Chinatown DMZ at 319 Church Street. Say goodbye to the dominion of Starbucks/Think, Soho.
Game Changers: Colombe Certified Open on Lafayette [ Eater ]

[ Photo via Rare Daily ]

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Holly H. said...

At least I can now indulge in La Colombe mid-shopping spree in Soho.