Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dry Aged Meat Blend Behind New Barclay Prime Pub Burger Revealed, Packs A "Flavor Bomb"

Unbreaded has the reveal about the meat blend used for the new pub burger at Barclay Prime.

The cuts that made the, um, cut: New York strip, kobe strip, ribeye and kobe filet.
Served as a couplet of square mini burgers, slightly larger than the sliders, the burger patties consist of ground NY strip, kobe strip, ribeye and kobe filet. The result is by far, the most flavorful burger we’ve ever tasted.
The blend is probably the highest quality burger meat blend in Philadelphia — Le Bec Fin uses sirloin, Table 31 switched from wagyu to sirloin, Good Dog uses sirloin, etc. (Respectably, Rouge represents with a blend of sirloin, rib eye and filet tip.)

Overall, however, the Barclay Prime pub burger takes a rather gimmicky approach: two smallish burgers (with an admittedly indulgent meat blend) attached to each other, served wrapped in retro paper, accompanied by tater tots.

Kinda a deterrent. However, probably not going to keep us away.

Barclay Prime Pub Burger Is A Compact Flavor Bomb
[ Unbreaded ]

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