Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Design Of Franklin Square Burger Shack Likely To Be Unremarkable

building in franklin square philadelphiaEarlier, we had hoped for a architecturally significant permanent structure to house the coming Franklin Square Burger Shack. (Which is not pictured at right. Pictured at right is an existing building at Franklin Square that the Burger Shack will "match." The permanent structure will be constructed this summer while a temporary Burger Shack will open in May.)

Or, at the very least, that the building would be green, i.e. sustainable. Considering that it is being built on public park land, after all.

However, those outcomes seem increasingly unlikely. Most likely on account of a hurried timeline and a limited budget. But nonetheless disappointing.

This blurb was buried in the official announcement:
In summer 2009, the temporary menu will expand when the permanent structure opens with a full menu, including burgers, shakes, salads, and artisanal Capogiro gelato. The structure is designed to match the existing small buildings in Franklin Square.
So it will be contextual. And quaint. And safe. And, yes, red brick.

Unfortunate. But whatever. At least now we can focus on the food...

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