Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Checking Up On Stephen Starr's Prowess With Burgers, Shakes And Dogs

a shake shack burger
The Shake Shack burger via A Hamburger Today

Stephen Starr professes to be ready "to serve the best burgers, hot dogs and shakes" at the Franklin Square Burger Shack. But does he know anything about serving delicious, classic-yet-modern cheeseburgers, hot dogs and milkshakes?

Actually, he has all three on his menu at Teplitzky's in Atlantic City. The Chelsea Hotel restaurant opened by Starr in 2008 serves "diner-inspired food in a fun, classic setting."

- Milkshakes (Vanilla, Chocolate, and Malt) are $4.,

- Cheeseburgers are available as a single ($7) or a double ($12) and come with frizzled onions and special sauce, Russian dressing. That price includes fries.

teplitzky's logo- And The Philly Dog is a hot dog with hebrew national salami, pickles, hot peppers and mustard ($9 with fries).

There's nothing to say that this is anything like what Starr is planning for Franklin Square, but it's OK to wonder. And to get a sense of what he may be thinking for the Franklin Square Burger Shack.

At Franklin Square, the price points would come down from there a little bit. We like the idea of being able to get a single or a double cheeseburger. And that the burgers have a special sauce, (even though it's simply Russian dressing). A hot dog/salami combo would, of course, be welcome as well.

So we're intrigued. Optimistic even.

But what we really want to know is what will the burgers be made of...

Franklin Square Burger Shack Coverage on The Illadelph

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Anonymous said...

i had the pleasure of sampling a "philly dog" - said kosher hot dog wrapped in kosher salami, with onions, pickle relish, mustard and cherry peppers...served on a grilled potato roll. it was amazing. i would imagine even better things to come once the permanent structure is complete.