Thursday, March 26, 2009

Uh Oh — Famed Good Dog Burger Threatened By Impending 300% Roquefort Tariff

The Roquefort-stuffed Good Dog Burger | Photo via A Hamburger Today

Not great news. Just heard about the impending Roquefort tariff that will substantially increase the retail prices of Roquefort cheese in the United States.

And Roquefort cheese is the cheese that Good Dog’s chef Jessica O'Donnell stuffs into the middle of the namesake burger (above via AHT).

Which would mean Good Dog would either have to raise the price of their famous Good Dog Burger OR find a suitable substitute cheese. But let’s not kid — the latter could prove to be impossible.

(Although, apparently Murray’s of New York is already making preparations for those trying to do exactly that.)

Good Dog is in the same predicament as the Spotted Pig in New York, which also has a Roquefort-stuffed signature burger. They say they'll find a replacement cheese rather than raising the menu price of the burger.

Meanwhile, there is hope that the tariff never goes into effect. Apparently, the U.S. government is using it as leverage to fight a European Union ban on importing hormone-treated American beef.
The fate of the French-produced blue cheese may depend on whether the U.S. and European Union settle a trade dispute over hormone-treated beef. On April 23, a 300% U.S. tariff on Roquefort is scheduled to go into effect, sharply raising prices and thwarting imports.
The tax had been set for March 23, but last week the federal trade agency delayed the action for a month to foster a resolution over the beef dispute. "The Obama administration is continuing the long-standing U.S. policy of trying to reach a negotiated settlement that offers real benefits to the U.S. beef industry," said agency spokeswoman Nefeterius McPherson.
So let's hope Good Dog doesn't have to choose… Obama can fix anything.

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[ Photo via A Hamburger Today ]

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Holly H. said...

Anti hormone beef, gooey wonderful Roquefort. This is a sad day for burger-making entities.