Saturday, March 28, 2009

Phillies Underwhelm With Unveiling "What's New For 09" at Citizens Bank Park

This week, the Phillies and Aramark hosted a "What's New" event at Citizens Bank Park to introduce some new things at CBP this year, like merchandise, food and Red Goes Green initiatives.

And compared to what’s new at some of the other ballparks around the country this season, it’s fair to say that the food announcements were incredibly lackluster.

They included:

- As noted by The Insider last week, Campo’s is replacing Rick’s Steaks in Ashburn Alley. Meh. Campo’s is fine. But this is simply a not-at-all exciting development.

- Also new is the Alley Grill, located in left field, which will feature Bubba Burgers and chicken fresh off the grill. Again, pretty unexciting. Although, at least the burgers will be Bubba Burgers which are probably the best frozen burger you can ask for. But nonetheless an embarrassment compared to the Shake Shack burgers available at Citi Field.

- McFadden’s upgraded their outdoor space to include flat screen TVs.

- At various other concessions, there will be new items such as funnel cake fries, monster chicken nachos and quesadillas.

- The one intriguing announcement introduced a new Bud Light Zone/Bar on the Ashburn Alley Rooftop. Details are fuzzy at the moment. But if the alleged “50-foot bar” affords people sitting at it a view of the field, it could be cool. Provided, several local beers are also on sale in addition to the unfortunate namesake beer.

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