Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Craig Laban Revisits The Beer Selection At Pub And Kitchen, Finds Something To Like

yards brawler at pub and kitchen in philadelphiaThe subject of Craig Laban’s "Drink" sidebar this past Sunday was the Yards Brawler, a fine beer being produced at the new home of the brewery on N. Delaware Ave.
One might expect a "pugilist style ale" to pack a knock-out punch, but the Brawler, the latest hit brew from Yards, scores points like a crafty lightweight with distinctive style and malty finesse.
As the signature new beer to emerge from Yards' new facility in Philadelphia, which became operational in the fall after several months of off-site contract brewing, this bantam brew delivers the satisfaction of a comeback worth the wait.

Yards Brawler is available at local beer distributors for around $27 a case. It's also available in local bars, including Pub & Kitchen (1946 Lombard St., 215-545-0350), for $4 a pint.
Laban, you may remember, had previously criticized Pub & Kitchen for a beer selection that should have been a lot better.

So this latest episode prompted the following (imagined) conversation between Laban and Pub & Kitchen brass:
Craig: See, ladies… it’s not that hard: when you serve good, local beers on draft, I’ll give you guys some love. A positive shout out in my Sunday paper no less. I mean, shit, you can even see your goddamn Pabbit logo on the coaster in the accompanying photo [eds. note: above right]. Now, how about we do something about the shitty light beers you’re still hawking in return…

P & K: Craig, come on bro — have you the seen the crowd in here on Friday and Saturday nights?? Those dudes would turn into pumpkins or something without their Miller Lite. It's the source of all their, well, you know, their [garbled… inaudible].
Aaand scene.

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Craig Laban Stands Up For Good/Local/Craft Beer, Challenges Pub & Kitchen To Do The Same

[ Photo via The Philadelphia Inquirer ]

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