Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Barclay Prime Rocks Local Beers With Its New "Pub" Menu, Showing The Kids (Read Table 31, Pub & Kitchen) How It's Done

So last month, Foobooz rightly questioned why Table 31, a high-end steakhouse/restaurant, would have Coors Light as one of its three draft beer selections. (Stella and Hoegarden being the other two.) Some debate followed in the comments, but Table 31 definitely took note.

Coors Light is no longer on draft. It’s been replaced by a craft beer from California: Lakeside IPA Victory Hop Devil.

So that’s good.

However, a local beer would be even better.

And that’s where Barclay Prime comes in. Head chef James LoCasio has long been a supporter of Buy Fresh, Buy Local. And now he’s practicing it at the bar as well:

The new Pub Menu that Barclay Prime introduced just this weekend at the bar is accompanied by 10 local craft brews. Ten.

Barclay Prime, it's been too long — we’ll see you soon.

UPDATE: Table 31 now has Victory Hop Devil on draft. Good on them.

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HHeller said...

Do we know which 10 yet? Or it is a total cliffhanger? Because I will totally go there to find out.

Maura said...

Barclay Prime now just bumped up my "need to eat there soon" list. Local supporters gain other local supporters!