Friday, March 13, 2009

Academy of Natural Sciences Pwns Art Museum & Phila Orchestra — Cuts Executive Salaries Instead Of Staff Layoffs

Last month, the Philadelphia Museum of Art laid off 30 employees. Yesterday, the Philadelphia Orchestra announced it was cutting 20% of its staff or 12 employees.

Today, the Academy of Natural Sciences announced that it would not be making layoffs, but instead cutting salaries:
The Academy of Natural Sciences today announced staff salary cuts and a hiring freeze in order to preserve jobs and maintain current operations in the challenging economic climate.

Academy President and CEO William Y. Brown said staff salaries throughout the museum would be reduced overall by about 5 percent starting April 1. The reduction will be tiered, with the president cutting his own salary by 10 percent and other salary cuts scaled down to 4 percent, based on salary level. The salaries of those making $30,000 or less per year will not be affected.
Not groundbreaking stuff, but nonetheless encouraging.

Academy of Natural Sciences cutting salaries up to 10% [ Philadelphia Business Journal ]

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Anonymous said...

Besides the President (who I hear makes a salary in the hundred thousands), I would bet that a majority of the workers at the Academy of Natural Sciences make just over or under $30,000. That place is notorious for paying horrible salaries. The Prez should take a bigger cut.