Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Urban Dispatch: D.C. Nixes Modern Apple Store for Georgetown; Preservation Alliance: Do Not Get Any Ideas

Hella lame:
Apple's attempts to open its first store in the District of Columbia have once again been put on hold.

For the third time, the Old Georgetown Board, an advisory commission acting under the authority of the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts, rejected Apple's proposal for a new store that would replace a building in the city's Georgetown neighborhood that Apple has owned for more than a year. The Dec. 2 rejection comes after similar shut-downs by the Board on Oct. 18, 2007, and Mar. 20, 2008.

While the site in question is not itself a historic building, Georgetown, a shopping mecca for tourists and locals, is a National Historic Landmark district notable for its Federal style houses and businesses, and any significant changes to a structure must pass the board's strict review.
The ‘Old Georgetown Board’ wanted the design to have more brick.


We love the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia most of the time. And this is totally just preliminary worrying at this point, since Apple has not even signed a lease yet for a Center City store … but the potential for troubling parallels are there.

Mainly, because the rumored location for the Center City Apple Store in the old Brasserie Perrier building on the 1600 block of Walnut Street is technically located inside the Rittenhouse Square Historic District. And because this is Philadelphia.

So, that said, the Pres. Alliance should know that if they were to try to pull any of this kind of crap with an Apple Store going in on Walnut Street there, shit would definitely hit the fan.


Don’t fuck with the Apple Store.

Just don’t.

D.C. Nixes Apple's Plans for Modern Store
[ National Trust For Historic Preservation via Planetizen ]
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SLS said...

You know, they don't ALWAYS do big glass boxes and are quite adept at fitting into "historic fabric."

One of the sites my friends felt I must see in Glasgow was the Temple of Apple on Buchanan Street, located in a masonry building dating from 1842. The contrast of the stone with Apple's glass and free-standing staircase within was well worth the visit.