Monday, February 23, 2009

Rouge Burger, Morimoto Burger Represent At Rachel Ray’s Burger Bash (Though Neither Wins)

rouge burger at rachel ray's burger bash, february 2009
The Rouge Burger in the house.

No big deal.

Morimoto’s Wagyu Burger was apparently a hit.

Rouge paired its namesake burger (above, image via Grub Street) with a mac ‘n’ cheese rendition (that at least one reviewer enjoyed), instead of its normal companion of frites. (Also, are those brioches not toasted?)

For more about the Bash, check out Grub Street.

UPDATE: Didn’t see that MP Philadelphia covered this already.

Top Chef’s Spike Wins SoBe Burger Bash [ Grub Street ]

Rouge Burger To Compete In Rachel Ray’s Burger Bash At The South Beach Wine & Food Fest In February

[ Photo via Grub Street ]

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