Monday, February 23, 2009

Recessionary Dining: People Not Tipping 20+ Percent As Indiscriminately As They Used To

restaurant billOver on Diner's Journal last week, Frank Bruni noted that diners are tipping less. Not just ordering less food or going out to dinner less often, but rather decreasing the actual percentage of the bill they deem appropriate to leave as a tip when they do go out. Like from, say, 20% or above previously to 19% or less now.

So, basically, as a cost-cutting measure, many diners are generally being more discerning about how much they tip, i.e. what level of service warrants a 20% tip.

Probably an inevitable development, but one that has to be nonetheless disconcerting for Philadelphia servers… ahem, the city’s excellent (and well-deserved) reputation for tipping notwithstanding.

Tipping and the Recession [ Diner’s Journal - New York Times ]

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