Thursday, February 26, 2009 Ad Simultaneously Reveals PMH's Genius Reader Growth Strategy AND The Real Source Of All Their Troubles: KYW New Radio attack ad on kyw news radioWowsers.

This ad (at right) was on’s homepage yesterday afternoon.

If this is any indication of the brilliant strategic direction that is coming out of Philadelphia Media Holdings, well, we can’t say we’re at all surprised by the predicament they find themselves in.

The ad’s landing page:
Where News Radio Gets its News

There is more news on one page of The Inquirer than news radio can read aloud in an hour. Do you want the first few lines ... or the whole story?

Let’s face it, you don’t need someone to read The Inquirer or the Daily News to you. And if you really need ancient teletype sound in the background while you read, here it is. Enjoy its clacking while you enjoy the real news sources in the region ... The Inquirer, the Daily News and! And then click here to subscribe.

No. For real. The page has audio of a teletype machine playing in the background.


One dying medium trying to siphon readers from another dying (or, at the very least, extremely antiquated) medium. Priceless.

Because that’s the problem, PMH. Keep chasing those phantom print subscribers. They’ll save you. Don’t worry about your chronic under-investment in and mismanagement of your one actually viable asset, your website. Because, clearly, that’s not the problem.

However, to be fair, at this point, PMH has to be thinking that anything is worth a try.

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Kevin said...

I would definitely subscribe if they had a PDF version that was downloadable from the website. But you are correct. The website sucks. That is why I am forced to the or each morning.