Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NB Local Restaurant Industry: Craig Laban Does Not Appreciate Being Flagrantly Recognized During His Fieldwork

craig labanThe commenters over at Foobooz picked up on this as well, but it still warranted a quick post.

Laban is being recognized more frequently and he is adjusting to the loss of review anonymity.

Which, he's normally fine with — unless the restaurant goes egregiously overboard (in his opinion) after recognizing him.

So he sent a message to that effect in his review of Butcher & Singer this Sunday — e.g. "recognizing me is fine, but be relatively subtle about it, because if you make too big a deal to the point of bothering me, I may very well rip you in my otherwise glowing review of your restaurant."

Judge for yourselves:
Well, pass the statins, Doc, because Butcher & Singer has made its case to my lipid-lovin' inner carnivore with some stellar chops and a throwback theme that, despite the kitschy plaid carpet and cloyingly chatty manager, is a perfect new identity for this classic space.
Speaking of toning it down, Butcher's overly chirpy manager might restrain herself from incessantly interrupting meals to blather on about the retro nostalgia. Her uninvited monologues (four at my first meal) and forced introductions were a saccharine distraction from the otherwise excellent, understated service given by waiters like Mickey DeVivo.
Cloyingly chatty and overly chirpy. Ouch. Especially since she was simply doing her job.

But the man had to make a point.

Duly noted.

Butcher & Singer - This Starr steak house, with stellar beefy chops and a throwback theme, is a perfect identity for the old brokerage [ Philadelphia Inquirer ]
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