Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Holy Mother Of God — Transformers 2 Teaser-Trailer Easily Makes Philadelphia’s Bit Role In Its Filming One Of The Coolest Things The City Did In 2008

Ok, granted, you can not at all see any scenes filmed in Philadelphia in this trailer.

And more likely than not, they’ll probably be close to totally unrecognizable in the actual film.

But, we don’t care. At all.


Judas. Effing. Priest.

Hand over the goddamn Oscars already. Like 20 of them.

Seriously, that is an extremely frickin’ well done trailer.

And it kinda has us completely geeked out at the moment. So excuse us for the tangentially Philadelphia-related post.

(It is funny, however, how obvious it is that “dark” is the marketing angle du jour of Hollywood, with studios blatantly trying to emulate the success of The Dark Knight last summer.)

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen [ Official Site ]
It’s Official: Awesomest Sequel Ever, Transformers 2, To Film In Philadelphia

(Also, 10 Rittenhouse — eat your heart out.)

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Glenn said...

Philadelphia's friendly foodie country to the north (Bethlehem) is featured prominently in there, though!