Monday, February 16, 2009

Cole Hamels Finally Tires Of Playing House In Deep Suburbia, Buys Center City Penthouse Ready To Get His Pat Burrell On

pat burrell at bar noirPlus, he can have his friends come over now. (Previously, no one wanted to drive all the way out to West Chester to hang out — and, honestly, who can blame them?)
"It's quite nice," [Hamels] said of the 2,700-square-foot, 31/2-bath [penthouse] unit. "The views are spectacular. It will be a great transition into the Philadelphia city lifestyle for us. And we'll at least be closer to a lot of players.

"I used to say, 'Hey, you guys want to come out?' And they'd say, 'How far away do you live?' Then it was like, 'Nope'. Now I can say, 'Hey, I just live on this block.' I can have guys over, bond with them a little bit more. It'll make things easier when family comes. You'd like them to enjoy the city and all the history that Philadelphia has."
That, and the fact that the suburbs are pretty much for chumps. Not 25-year-old World Series MVPs.

So, congratulations, Cole. You found your balls.

Moreover, it’s nice to see Phillies stars (Chase, Cole and RyHo*) representing by living in the frickin’ city in which they play. None of this Jersey bullshit (Donovan) or Main Line crap (Iverson).

Especially, considering Burrell’s recent departure for the soulless shores of Tampa Bay, invariably leaving a gaping void of any player-induced awesomeness at Rittenhouse bars.

Which is very much a shame.

Godspeed, Pat Burrell — you will be missed.

Cole et al., good luck — you’ve got some big shoes to fill. And a lot of Miller Lites to drink.

Cole Hamels On Top of the World [ Philadelphia Inquirer ]

*We think.

[ Image via Philadelphia Weekly - (God Bless Pressler's Miscellany) ]


Adam said...

Pretty sure Howard is spending his contract dollars on a unit at Waterfront Square.

rickw said...

Didn't know he lived in the Chester of West. Cool town, but that's way out there.

HughE Dillon said...

Iverson lived in my apt bldg, One Franklin Town at 17th & Callowhill, for two years before he got married. Then he always maintained a place there.