Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stephen Starr's Top Chef Appearance To Air Tomorrow; ‘Starr Events’ Catering Arm Lands Another Big Gig

Good for Stephen. He was deemed important enough to the New York dining scene to have been invited to appear on Top Chef as a “celebrity” judge. Bully for him. The episode, "Restaurant Wars", airs tomorrow.

Here’s a clip promoting the episode, in which Stephen appears to choke on something he was served. Uh oh.

Meanwhile, we hear that Starr Events, the catering arm of the Starr Restaurant Organization, has landed another big Center City law firm client. (One of Starr Events' first corporate clients was the law firm of Pepper Hamilton, a top-100 firm in the county.)

We’re hearing that Duane Morris, a slightly bigger Philly-based top-100 law firm, has also just inked Starr Events to run the first floor café and catering operation at it’s Center City headquarters. (Recession be damned.)

Stephen professes that no mall food courts are next on his agenda.

And how.

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[ Image via Grub Street ]

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