Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama’s Pre-Inauguration Philadelphia Hotel Of Choice? (Meh) The Sheraton City Center

president elect obama at 30th street station in philadelphiaSo where did Obama sleep Friday night for his one night stay in Philadelphia before embarking on his whistle-stop tour to the Inauguration festivities in D.C.?

The Sheraton Philadelphia City Center Hotel.
Four days before his inauguration, President-elect Obama slipped into Philadelphia amid bitter cold and tight security, arriving at the Sheraton Philadelphia City Center Hotel downtown late this afternoon where hotel guests, mixing with bomb-sniffing police dogs, found themselves in the potentially fortunate position of getting a pre-inauguration glimpse.
Fair enough.

Hopefully, they at least gave him the Presidential Suite.

Obama’s In Town [ Philadelphia Inquirer ]
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Anonymous said...

I think it was because it's a union hotel, the hotel worker's union was the first to endorse him.