Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dept. Of Times Are Tough: Philly Mag DESPERATELY Trying To Sell Magazines

Philly Mag is sending out email blasts to hype the “big” story in their January issue.

The following are the contents of said email blasts:
EXCLUSIVE: Dawn Stensland Breaks Her Silence Over Her Husband and Alycia Lane ...

The Fox 29 anchor, wife of former CBS3 anchor Larry Mendte, shares her story in the January issue of Philadelphia magazine ...

Until now, Stensland has been silent about her private struggle coping with the recent arrest and conviction of her husband for breaking into the e-mail account of his former co-anchor, Alycia Lane. The January 2009 issue of Philadelphia magazine features an exclusive interview with Stensland by editor at large Vicki Glembocki in which the anchorwoman speaks for the first time about her husband’s relationship with Lane. Stensland reveals new details while speaking about the pain the Mendte family endures, her recent miscarriage, and why she has been able to forgive her husband, but can’t yet forgive herself.

Among the story's highlights:

• Stensland tells the magazine she believes Mendte when he says the relationship between him and Lane was inappropriately close, and included kissing, but the two did not have sex.

• Stensland says Mendte bought Lane a gift from Tiffany for “more than $1,000.”

• Glembocki writes: “On New Year’s Day 2005, Larry had asked Dawn to come up to his office.” There on his computer were “several e-mails in Larry’s inbox between him and Alycia, many with flirtatious subject lines that, Dawn says, ‘broke my heart.’”

• Stensland reveals that she suffered a miscarriage in October 2008.

• Asked to respond to these and other assertions made by Stensland in the article, Lane’s lawyer, Paul Rosen, calls Mendte a “lovesick, obsessed stalker” and advises Stensland to get a divorce.

Click here to read a preview and here for Alycia Lane’s response, and look for the issue on newsstands starting Monday, December 29th.
Note: The entire email is in bold.

That is all.

Philly Mag Preview of 'Dawn's Dark Days'
[ Philadelphia Magazine ]

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