Monday, November 17, 2008

That Was Quick; Phillies Hike Ticket Prices For 09 Before Fans Can Even Take A Championship-Induced Crap

ryan howard phillies world series championsNot at all unexpected, but still, not exactly welcome either.
Fresh from the glow of their World Series win, the Phillies are raising some ticket prices for 2009.

The Phillies parade confetti is barely swept away. But team officials say the prices of most tickets are going up by $2 or $3 next season. The biggest increase is in the 100-level infield seats. They're going up $6 to $50. Phils ticket manager John Weber:

"The season ticket prices went up a couple of dollars in certain areas, like I said, the $44s went to $50s. The outfield went from $24 to $27. There were certain areas that went up. There were other areas that stayed the same."

Weber says the Phils took the economy into account when deciding on ticket prices for next year.
Really? The economy told you to raise ticket prices?? Fascinating.

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