Wednesday, October 08, 2008

With All Due Respect To Breast Cancer Awareness, Shouldn’t These Buildings Be Lit Bright Phillies’ Red Right Now?

philadelphia skyline pink for breast cancer awareness
After all, it’s been 15 frickin’ years since the Phillies have been playing for the NL pennant… They deserve it. [ Photo via PhillySkyline ]

In what can be viewed as unfortunate timing for the Phillies, their march through the playoffs has run into Breast Cancer Awareness Month, during which the Susan G. Komen Foundation organized some 40+ buildings in Center City to light their buildings pink at night.

Which would normally be great, except the timing is unfortunate for the Phillies because if these buildings hadn’t already agreed to go pink for breast cancer awareness, they would undoubtedly be going red for the Phillies. (As is customary with these things, a la Eagles playoff games, Pat Burrell going for the all star game, even Eagles on Monday Night Football…)

After all, it’s like Cole Hamels said of his team’s playoff success. “Hopefully it will turn the city red a little bit more than it is green.”

Indeed. And it should start with the skyline.

Now don’t get us wrong. Breast Cancer Awareness is awesome and we’re all for supporting it, and all for lighting the skyline pink as a way of doing so. We just wish it wouldn’t take precedent over the opportunity to dramatically throw the city’s support behind the Phillies, who are in a playoff series for the National League pennant for the first time in 15 years.

That’s it, really. The elusiveness and rareness of the feat, alone, should justify making the switch.

The Philadelphia skyline can go pink for the cure in November. And December. Hell, throw in January and February if you want.

But, honestly, right now it would be really, really great if the city we’re able to both literally and figuratively show its support for the Fightin’ Phils. And there's really no better way to do that than by lighting the skyline in their team color. The Phillies deserve it. And getting this town a little fired up with some good ol' Phillies team spirit would be a very positive thing.

So we say go pink next month. In our minds, this month the skyline should be lit a brilliant Phillies' red. GO PHILS!

(We’d be willing to accept a compromise — nights with Phillies games, skyline in red; nights without Phillies games; skyline in pink.)

CBS 3, Susan G. Komen Light Up The Tri-State - More than 100 buildings and landmarks go pink [ CBS3 via PhillySkyline ]
Philadelphia turns from football town to baseball town [ Philadelphia Daily News ]

Apparently, the skyline can go Eagles' green pretty much whenever…


Mamula Blues said...

The cira centre has been reppin a nice big red "P" since the end of the regular season on game nights

Anonymous said...

Although I don't fully agree with this post (maybe some sort of concession on game nights having the buildings Red), I was driving in on 76 tonight and the Cira Centre looked awesome with the Red "P" and blue lights surrounding it. They've really stepped up their color schemes of late, including Sunday night's pink breast cancer ribbon.

Anna said...

The buildings in question were red last night. And, of course, the Phils went on to win.