Friday, August 15, 2008

Pittsburgh Hires First Ever Bike Czar; Mayor Nutter Now Looking More Lethargic Than Ever

Mayor Nutter and Rina Cutler are dragging serious ass. Months ago, they said they wanted to have a bike czar hired by July 1. Well that date has come and gone without the slightest sign of a bicycle and pedestrian czar coming in to right the ship of the Streets Department.

Meanwhile, word comes today that Pittsburgh has gone ahead and rocked some Livable Streets action itself.
Cyclists today lauded a pledge by Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Councilman Patrick Dowd to make the city more friendly to bicyclists and walkers, and they urged officials to get moving on adding more bike lanes, improving links to public transportation and encouraging motorists to respect their two-wheeled fellow travelers.
The first agenda item -- hiring a coordinator to handle cycling and pedestrian efforts -- was completed a week ago with the hiring of Stephen Patchen, 32 and of the South Side Flats, to the $45,000 position.

"We are the first city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to ever have a full-time bicycle/pedestrian coordinator," said Mr. Ravenstahl.
Oh snap. Pittsburgh’s teenage mayor just straight up owned Mayor Nutter.

Nice work there, Nutts. At this rate, we can expect to see Philadelphia’s bicycle/pedestrian czar when?

Officials pledge better city for cyclists, walkers
[ Pittsburgh Post Gazette ]

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