Monday, August 18, 2008

Philadelphia Gets Its First Green Certified Restaurant

[ We missed this last month, so in honor of August being such a lazy slow news month, ahem, we’ll cover it now. ]

Philadelphia recently got its first green certified restaurant. The green certification comes from the Green Restaurant Association, a non-profit organization which "helps restaurants and its customers become more environmentally sustainable in ways that are convenient and cost-effective."

Pita Pit, at 16th and Sansom, was the winner. Hey-o.
[Pita Pit] Owners Adam Palmer and Adam Green saw how easy it was to go green and get their certification from the Green Restaurant Association (GRA).

They took simple steps like eliminating Styrofoam, instituting a recycling plan, and installing water aerators to reduce the amount of water used.

They've also switched silverware. The utensils might look plastic, but they're made out of corn, and they're 100% biodegradable.

"It's something that every restaurant, nine out of ten restaurants can do," said Palmer. "We'd like to lead the charge, and help create a more sustainable environment for everybody else in Philadelphia."
Shucks. We liked you before, Pita Pit, but now it's getting serious.
Owner Adam Palmer said, "We saw how much waste we were producing, and we see how much take-out restaurants produce waste. With the Green Restaurant Association, they take what you're doing in your store, and they make it better."
To stay certified, Pita Pit will continue to take four proactive steps each year, but they're not waiting. They've already installed energy-efficient lighting and switched to non-toxic cleaning supplies.
Some of the tactics in play:
  • Biodegradable Greenware cups
  • Biodegradable faux-plastic utensils
  • Biodegradable faux-plastic takeout bags
  • Water aerators for faucets to save water
  • Abundant recycling containers
  • Locally grown food options
  • Environmentally responsible cleaning supplies
As the owners allude to in the interview, this shit is kinda child's play. And as such, its a little embarrassing that more restaurants are not doing all this stuff already.

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