Tuesday, August 05, 2008

James Locasio Tapped To Healm Starr’s Forthcoming Butcher and Singer; Is The Supper Club Concept Locasio’s As Well?

Stephen Starr’s New York PR Agency, Bullfrog and Baum, relates that Starr has selected James Locasio, presently the head chef at Barclay Prime, to be the exec chef at Butcher and Singer. Which, as you know, is what the now shuttered Striped Bass will become after a re-tooling.

The concept of Butcher and Singer? A “40s-supper-club-style steakhouse.” Interesting, yes?

Check out this quote from an interview of Locasio back in ’07:
Q. What’s it like to be a chef in the Philadelphia restaurant scene right now?

A. Philadelphia is an up-and-coming town, a culinary-driven city, and it’s now a very nice place to shop. We used to be a meat and potatoes city, but now we’re able to do new and interesting things, especially at Barclay Prime, where we use unique fish and meats. Sometimes we do venison racks and wild boar racks, and we have seven fish on the menu. For a concept restaurant, we’ve been able to broaden our horizons to become refined within those concepts. We’re able to do a little bit of everything.

We do have a lot more to do, though. We could use a good dinner or supper club. We’re missing brasseries and bistros. Philadelphia is ready for more high-end dining to let cooks and chefs do what they do best.
Supper club, you say? Touché.

Did James plant the idea in Stephen's head or vice versa?

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