Sunday, August 03, 2008

Breaking: Philadelphia Get Its First Green Certified Hotel

Unfortunately, said hotel is also located at the airport so, to us, it’s kinda like a Catch 22.
The Philadelphia Airport Marriott hotel has been Green Certified by Green Seal, an organization recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection […] This Marriott hotel near the Philly airport is the only property in Philadelphia to have this green certification.
It’s true. The Green Seal certification is legit.

While the better known LEED certification (which is not associated with Green Seal) primarily rates the design and construction of the building (in this case a hotel), the Green Seal certification rates the sustainability of the day-to-day operations (again, of the hotel, in this instance).
This green certified Marriott hotel in Philadelphia, had to undergo an inspection and meet a checklist of criteria which included procedures like environmental compliance, waste minimization and recycling, bulk product purchasing, use of energy efficient equipment, utilization of compact fluorescent bulbs, indoor air quality measurements, use of water conservation fixtures, use of organic insecticides, non-toxic paints used throughout, etc.
Kudos, Philadelphia Airport Marriott. Commendable shit.

For reals.

The Philadelphia Airport Marriott Hotel is Awarded the First Environmental, Green Certification
[ Press Release ]
Grean Seal Lodging Certification [ Official Site ]
Philadelphia Airport Marriott [ Official Site ]

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colinmford said...

It should be noted that LEED certification and "Green Seal" are NOT the same thing. LEED Certification is administered by the U.S. Green Building Council ( and has major differences certification-wize with "Green Seal"; the major difference being that LEED is only applied to commercial buildings, neighborhoods and homes, and has varying levels of "greeness", from "Certified" to "Platinum". "Green Seal" looks like it can be applied to "Hand Cleaners, Electric Chillers, Cleaners, Cleaning Services, Fleet Vehicle Maintenance, Floor Care Products, Lodging Properties, Paints & Coatings, Papers & Newsprint, Windows & Doors, etc." and only has one level of certification.