Sunday, July 06, 2008

Penn One-Ups Itself, Renames Prominent Campus Building — Formerly Named After A Founding University Trustee For 100+ Years — After Gossip Columnist

logan hall is now claudia cohen hall at the university of pennsylvania in philadelphiaAnd thankfully the New York Times Sunday Styles has deemed this little nugget fit for print.

Logan Hall, the home to the College of Arts and Sciences (i.e. the cool part of Penn, the part that’s not Wharton) and one of the oldest buildings on campus, is now Claudia Cohen Hall.
Ms. Cohen [a former editor of The New York Post Page Six gossip column], who died in 2007, was a former wife of Ronald O. Perelman, the billionaire New York businessman.
What do you think? Claudia Cohen Hall… It’s got a ring to it. Kind of. Right?
“I, as an academic, am accustomed to seeing buildings with names like Newton, Copernicus, Darwin,” said Ponzy Lu, a chemistry professor at the university. “Then to see the name of this person, who is very fresh in our memory, who is not associated with a pursuit of knowledge — a gossip columnist: it strikes me as being totally idiotic.”
Wow, Ponzy. Really? Be cool yo.
[Perelman] acquired the right to rename the building when he donated $20 million to his alma mater in 1995, a university official said.
If there’s an oversight here on Penn’s part, it’s that. Shit, $20 mill 13 years ago… Penn coulda got, like, at least $50 mill today.

Damn, Penn. Stop doing such a shitty job managing the endowment. God.

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Anonymous said...

As a Penn graduate, this is fucking outrageous. Why not open up naming rights to major corporations as well?

And if Ronald Perelman wanted to name a building after one of his former wives, he could have gone with MILF extraordinaire Ellen Barkin. Just sayin'...