Sunday, July 06, 2008

Charlie Manuel Still Trying His Best To Screw Pat Burrell, Luckily You Can Override Charlie And Put 'Pat the Bat' In The All-Star Game Yourself

Charlie just won’t stop.

And it’s not so much that he’s screwing Burrell — although he definitely is. More importantly, is that he’s screwing the team. The Phillies are best with Pat Burrell in the lineup. It’s as simple as that.

Every time Charlie takes Burrell out before the 9th inning (or, at the earliest, the bottom of the eighth at home), Charlie is weakening his team significantly. End of discussion. Just as you need to leave Ryan Howard (and his poor defense and slower than ideal speed) in the game and in the lineup, you have to do the same with Pat Burrell. End of discussion.

Just last night, Charlie Manuel pulled Burrell in the 7th after Pat got on with a lead-off single, only for Burrell’s spot in the order to come up again in the 8th inning in a key situation. At which point, Carlos Ruiz grounded out.
Pat Burrell… has started 82 games this season but has finished 31 of them. That is a drag for Burrell, who would love the at-bats he loses every year when he is pulled for defensive purposes.

But it certainly has not affected his productivity. In fact, Burrell, who hit a home run last night in a 7-3 victory over the Atlanta Braves, could be headed to his first All-Star Game.

"I've always said it would be a great thrill to be part of that," Burrell said. "But it's a tricky deal because there are a lot of outfielders involved."

But few have been better than Burrell. He entered last night ranked first among National League outfielders in home runs (20), on-base-plus-slugging percentage (.998), and slugging percentage (.584) and second in on-base percentage (.414).
So Charlie is clearly wrong. No big deal. Except that it is.

Burrell didn’t end up making the first cut for the All-Star Game. But you can still get him in. Just head over to and vote for Pat the Bat to get the last roster spot on the NL team in the 2008 All-Star Game, a spot he very rightfully deserves.

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Confidential to Charlie Manuel: Stop Taking Pat Burrell Out Of The Game In The Sixth Inning For "Defensive Purposes"

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