Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Breaking: L&I To Attempt Reform Of The Nightmarish State Of License Acquisition In Philadelphia — May Very Well Collapse Under The Weight Of It All

"Yea, see, your notice is yellow. That's wrong. It needs to be orange. Go to the license window and fill out Form 81-897."

L&I has a new chief — Frances Burns, who was hand-picked by Mayor Nutter himself.

Can this be seen as a step toward a more customer-, nay, business-friendly Department of Licenses and Inspections??

Well, at the very least, it’s surely a start. She's charged with fixing a department rife with problems.
Mayor Nutter has long promised to ease red tape at Licenses and Inspections and his just-named Commissioner at L-and-I vows speedy reforms.

“It’s time that we really embrace reform.”

Fran Burns will spearhead reform after Mayor Nutter chose her to head up the multi-tentacled Department of Licenses and Inspections. Slashing red tape is job one, says Burns.

For example, the city currently has more than 100 different types of licenses:

"We think that that's one quick place that we can look and say, 'alright, we can whittle that down.'"
Ya think?!

Customer service, people. That shit is the wave of the future.

(So is installing Retail Czars. Believe it.)

Looks like Team L&I is already down with this. And even better:
In addition to L&I's obvious role in protecting health and safety, it also has a key role in economic development, Burns said.

The Department will be paying more attention to its role in the development process, and its link with the Commerce Department and Planning, she said.
That's right: L&I should facilitate the development process — not obstruct it.

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di1 said...

Lets hope so. Lets not have more raids at 11:30 of established businesses such as Tritone and Bob and Barbaras: http://fiftyonefiftyone.com/2008/07/tritone-closed-by-li/