Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mike Klein Calls It — Comcast Center Plaza Cafe Is, Indeed, The Truth

comcast center plaza cafe philadelphia, table 31Not like he was going out on limb or anything… but we nevertheless have to give credit to where credit is due.

From Food and Drinq back in May:
I think the niftiest part of the project is outside on the JFK side of the Comcast Center: It'll be the Plaza Cafe, now shrouded behind an ugly chain-link fence.

Scarduzio has installed a fully contained "outdoor" kitchen inside a glass building. By summer, there will be patio seating for lunch, dinner and drinkies beneath a trellis and beside a fountain. Among outdoor happy-hour spaces west of Broad Street, the debate of "which is best" will rage between this and the rooftop at Continental Mid-town.
He's right. This spot is great. A little pricey, sure, but that’s to be expected. (Hopefully, there will be some random, non-traditional happy hour specials added soon.)

And to M.Klein’s point, we’re willing to go ahead and say it’s already ten times better than the roofdeck at Continental Midtown. (After all, what percentage of the Midtown roofdeck is still actually uncovered?? Like 15%? Whatever. Not cool.)

The Plaza Cafe is just pretty. Definitely a great spot for lunch or an afternoon drink, however, it’s extra sexy come dusk when the fountain literally sparkles and the really tall building right next to you looks especially amazing.

So yeah, if you have the means, we highly recommend you check it out.

A First Look At Table 31 [ Food and Drinq ]

[ Photo via flickr user Chris in Philly '08 ]

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