Monday, June 09, 2008

Inquirer Editorial Board Endorses Bike Sharing For Philadelphia As The No-Brainer It Is

A bicycle-friendly city has always been a good idea. It makes even more sense in an era of $4 gasoline.

Momentum is building for a bike-sharing network in Philadelphia to be used by thousands of commuters daily. It would reduce congestion, save money for workers, and contribute to a healthier city.
As bike ridership increases, auto congestion would lessen. The city would need to add more bike lanes on streets.
The time to get to work on this idea is now, not when gas hits $6 per gallon.
Rina Cutler, deputy mayor for transportation, has said the city's yet-to-be-hired pedestrian and bicycle coordinator will develop a plan with cycling advocates. Some Council members are being cautious. But bike sharing could become an integral part of Nutter's vision for a "sustainable" city.
Bike sharing is great, but if you expect people to actually use the system, it has to be A LOT safer and A LOT easier for bicyclists to ride in city streets without fear of being run off the road by asshole motorists.

And for how to accomplish that, we need to look to New York. Stat.

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