Thursday, June 19, 2008

Convention Center Expansion About As Green As, Well, Some Really, Really, REALLY Dark Shit — Think Crude-Oil/Tar-Black Dark

Inga, once again, preaching the good word.
In one corner of Center City, a private developer has just completed the tallest green building in America, the Comcast Center.

Three blocks east, the state is beginning work on an equally large project, the Convention Center expansion. Consider it the SUV of meeting halls.

But it's not too late to make the building more green, even if it becomes more expensive.
And this comes one day earlier than her normal Changing Skyline column, perhaps deliberately to get the issue front and center in time for this evening’s festivities — the forum with the Mayor’s new Director of Sustainability about, wait for it, greening Philadelphia’s infrastructure.

Seems like a good (and obvious) place to start would be the massive Convention Center expansion project just now getting underway.
Nutter says he would never approve the Convention Center design today without more green features. And Howard Neukrug, who promotes sustainability for the Water Department, vows that "it will be last non-sustainable government building to go up in Philadelphia."
Yeah, um, that’s totally not going to fly.
The Convention Center's lack of green design is no simple oversight. In 2005, while then-Councilman Michael Nutter served as chairman, the authority briefly considered making the venue fully sustainable. It rejected the idea as costly and unnecessary.

A year later, the Pennsylvania Environmental Council and the Delaware Valley Green Building Council begged the authority to reconsider, even if the only Earth-friendly change was a green roof.

They were sent packing. The authority argued that green technology would only add more upfront charges to a project that was already having trouble staying within budget.
Totally un-fucking-acceptable.

Seriously, Mayor Nutter and Sustainable Czar Allen Hughes, this would be an excellent fucking place to start.

Whaddaya say boys?

Convention Center should be growing far more green [ Philadelphia Inquirer ]

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