Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Center City Embassy Suites Completes $10 Million Renovation, Forgets To Include TGI Friday’s Amazing Rooftop Space In Said Upgrade

embassy suites tgi friday's pbiladelphia parkwayBecause it’s not like there’s potential for the entire TGI Friday’s space to be overhauled into an amazing bar/restaurant or anything. *Sigh*.
The Embassy Suites Philadelphia Center City today announced the completion of a $10 million renovation. The project included upgrades to all guestrooms, public areas and meeting space.

"The entire property experience has been enhanced, from our spacious suites to our inviting lobby," said Bob Krol, general manager. "With our prime Center City location, our guests can experience panoramic views of the city from the comfort of their completely refreshed guestrooms, featuring the latest designs from the leading all-suite brand in the world."
NB to hoteliers: rooftop bars/restaurants/lounges are always a good idea. ALWAYS.

Cases a) b) c) and d) in point.

If you invest in them (or allow others to invest in them), you will be rewarded generously with profits and popularity.

The Embassy Suites is on the 1700 block of the Parkway. Not only does the rooftop deck of TGI Friday’s overlook the Parkway but it also provides a pretty good view of the skyline. All in all, it's kinda a great place to have a drink. Except for the fact that it's a TGI Friday's.

We know we could turn it into a non-tourist trap, destination restaurant with our eyes closed.

A la...

empire hotel rooftop bar manhattan
The Empire Hotel

We just wish the Embassy Suites would let us.

Embassy Suites Philadelphia Completes $10 Million Renovation [ Press Release ]

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