Friday, June 06, 2008

Breaking: Pennsylvania Wegmans Are Now Selling Beer. We Repeat: A Pennsylvania Supermarket Is Now Selling Beer.

wegmans beer in pennsylvania storesIt’s no secret that around these here parts, you won't find much love for the ‘burbs.

That said, every once in a while, we do indulge in a Philly Car Share-fueled excursion up to far North Broad Street (aka Route 611) in Warrington to visit our “local” Wegmans, which — as some of you may know — is the best grocery store chain in the world.

And just to remind us all of that, look at what we received in our inbox the other day (and, yes, we subscribe to Wegmans emails — the store is that good):
Local and International Beers NOW available in our Market Cafe Restaurant!

Enjoy your favorite beers two ways now from our Market Café Restaurant — dine in or take out. We're now offering flavorful beers from nearby Pennsylvania microbreweries, classic brews, and exciting international varieties. Enjoy a cold, refreshing beer with your next delicious Market Café Restaurant meal!

Please note: Take-out quantities limited to two 6-packs or the equivalent (192 oz).
Shut up. Just shut up. You had at us at hello.

Seriously, people — this is good fricking news.

We first told you about Wegmans trying to sell you beer back in October. Well, they've been fighting to do so ever since. And they recently got six licenses for stores upstate in the Lehigh Valley and near Scranton.

The Warrington location is still awaiting a ruling on its license. However, this doesn’t so much matter to us — it’s not like we’ll be buying a lot of beer there or anything — rather, it is simply very comforting to see that Pennsylvania is slowly, nay, incredibly slowly coming out of the alcohol-sales dark ages.

And that Wegmans is helping lead the way.

Wegmans [ Official Site ]
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[ Photo via Flickr user tamara danforth ]

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