Saturday, June 21, 2008

Beer Prices At Citizens Bank Park … Consider Yourselves Blessed

The many virtues of Citizens Bank Park have gotten play here before. And rightfully so.

That said, we are now even more appreciative of CBP, its dubious role in Chase Utley’s current 0-23 streak notwithstanding.

That's because not only is the beer selection at CBP stellar, but also because the beer prices are relatively fair, especially when compared to the rest of the league. (How long this will last, however, we do not know.)

As Philly Skyline recently related, in the Bronx a Miller Lite will set you back 10 bones.

In South Philly, not only can you get a pint of premium draft beer for $6.75, but also, that pint can be any of several delicious local craft brews like Flying Fish Extra Pale Ale, Sly Fox Pikeland Pils, Troegs Sunshine Pils or Yards Philly Pale Ale.

That is really pretty great, especially when considering that you’ll pay around $6 for the same "pint" at many a douchey bars in Center City.

So before you complain about the cost of your beer at CBP, just think about how much poorer you’d be if you were at Fenway Park, Shea Stadium or Turner Field.

We will, however, take this opportunity to criticize the Phillies' new recycling containers for the ballpark, because the ones they’re using now look a lot more like condiment dispensers and/or a varitey of other things than they do recycling bins. Seriously guys, you have to spell it out in giant letters, i.e. make it blatantly, unmissably obvious, if you want people to recycle. And the bins you're using now are pretty much camouflaged so well as to be totally hidden. No one, we repeat, no one recognizes them as recycling containers. They need to be redesigned/repainted to be extremely basic and clear. They should be either very, very green or very, very blue.

Criticism #2: Where the fuck are the much-heralded biodegradable beer cups?? Sure, we've seen a few concessions using them. But why don't the various Brewerytowns, the beer-specific concessions, use them for their pints of beer instead of the regular plastic beer cups? It's now half-way through the season — no excuses about leftover supplies from last year. Use the fricking biodegradable beer cups for ALL draft beer sold please.

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Anonymous said...

Wait, 24 cents an ounce for a pint of beer is $3.84 . Can I really get a pint of beer for $3.84? I agree that $6.75 for a tasty craft beer like Anchor Steam or Red Hook is not a terrible deal but at $6.75 a pint, its rougly 42.2 cents an ounce. Am I missing out or does the Phillies marketing info contain mistakes?

Asaf Hanish (Bella Vista)