Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Royal Tavern Crew Headed To NoLibs? To Two-Step With Standard Tap?? Yes Please.

azure in northern liberties to become cantina dos - philadelphiaThe distinguished team behind South Philly stalwarts Royal Tavern and Cantina Los Caballitos might be heading north.

M. Klein over at Food and Drinq alludes that “a royally well-known pub team” — aka Steven Simon and Dave Frank — could be taking over the space that was Azure up until this past weekend. Azure closed; the owner retired and now wishes to lease the space.

After coyly hinting that the new tenant could be team Royal/Cantina, Klein also suggests they might do a Mexican theme with the space, a la Cantina. MK finds that interesting since Owen Kamihira (of Bar Ferdinand) will have already opened another Mexican bar in the space that was formerly Deuce, which is only a few hundred feet up the street from Azure, before team Royal even gets started on the Azure spot.

We find it interesting because it would put the South Philly-honed Royal Tavern team just a few doors down from the Standard Tap team, William Reed and Paul Kimport, smack in the middle of the Tap's hood.

And because the Standard Tap has always been the gastro-pub of record on the north side of Center City, while Royal Tavern has always been been its esteemed counterpart on the south side. With a nice big buffer in between the two.

So for these two shops to tango on a single block along N. 2nd Street in Northern Liberties would definitely be big time. Not to mention flat out awesome for patrons.

North 2nd Street just keeps getting sexier.

We can only hope that it will be another ten years before Mad River and its kin ever hear as much.

Azure Closes [ Food and Drinq ]

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