Monday, May 12, 2008

Eating/Drinking The Illadelph Alert: Alfa’s New Brunch Works It With Flights Of Bloody Marys

flight of bloody marys at alfa bar, philadelphiaYou know, in case you too recognize that Sundays are for drinking.
“[Six] different flavors of Bloody Marys in double shot glasses […] each deliciously different! One was Tai with curry & coconut milk, one was Cajun & super-spicy, one had carrot juice in it, another was made of tomatillos… I hear the full-size even come with andoulle sausage & shrimp cocktail as garnish.

I shit you not when I tell you I thought about those damn bloody marys for hours, months… DAYS! Of course the bacon-wrapped filet with a blue-cheese & red wine reduction and two eggs over-easy was nothing to shake a stick at either…”
Gimmicky? Perhaps. But we are admittedly intrigued.

Probably time for some first-hand reconnaissance.

God Must Be Paying Attention [ Rachel's Guide ]

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