Friday, May 23, 2008

Eating The Illadelph: A Quick Status Check With Stephen Starr

stephen starr wants youA few updates on some of the projects Stephen and his Starr Restaurant Organization have in the works:

- Parc, on Rittenhouse Square, is scheduled to open the last week of June. And as M.Klein reported earlier this week, Dominic Filoni will be exec chef.

- The Chelsea Hotel project in Atlantic City is officially scheduled to open at the end of July. Look for Starr’s contribution's, Chelsea Prime on the fifth floor and Teplitzky’s on the first, to both be up and running at that time.

- The gastro-pub project w/ Taavo Somer that Starr has planned for the former Angelina/Blue Angel space on Chestnut, however, is still way out. Which we think also means that the “micro hotel” dreamt-up for the same address is similarly far from fruition.

- PhillyBurbs writer Collin Keefe thinks Starr might next be pursuing the former Deux Cheminees space because Starr “confirmed that he was looking at a property that was formerly a restaurant but was originally a home and was located on the East side of Broad Street in Center City.”

- Starr was interviewed by New York Times writer Florence Fabricant at a function at the Residences at Two Liberty Place the other night. So you can expect a forthcoming article or profile in the Times about Steve-o’s latest labors to keep you looking good.

He’s definitely Bobby Bigwheelin’ it.

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