Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Breaking: City Hall Farmers' Market To Open This Wednesday, Immediately Startle Unsuspecting Passersby

rendering of public park at dilworth plaza, philadelphia city hallThe first step of Mayor Nutter's ambiguous plan to animate City Hall will be visible tomorrow at noon, when the City Hall Farmers’ Market opens in City Hall’s center courtyard.
Nutter's staff invited the group Farm to City to organize a weekly produce market in the courtyard. The first five vendors make their debut Wednesday, from noon to 6 p.m. As the growing season progresses, the market will expand to 10 tables.
Hopefully, Nutts has a lot more in store for making City Hall the civic place it could (and should) be.

Thankfully, both Inga and P.Levy are on the case. (And, as you know, they’re both wicked smart.)

Check this video of what the Center City District wants to do with the public spaces in and around City Hall.
Rendering of Plans for Dilworth Plaza

This concept for Dilworth Plaza was produced by the Olin Partnership and GeoSim Systems for the CCD. The large transparent glass structure in the center is a gateway to the regional transit system with "real-time" information about train schedules and a screen on which movies, live cultural and sports presentations can occur.

Then read this article, in which Inga Saffron drops some serious know-how on what to make of it.
Levy's proposal could be a smaller version of the wildly successful Millennium Park in Chicago, which includes diverse spaces and postcard-ready public art. That project cost almost half a billion dollars. But much of it came from private sources, and the investment jump-started $6 billion in real estate development nearby, its director, Edward K. Uhlir, boasted during in a recent talk to the Fairmount Park Art Association.

Whether Levy's ideas move further than earlier visions for City Hall's outdoor spaces depends on the Nutter administration's commitment. Unlike earlier proposals, this one could succeed because SEPTA is about to renovate City Hall station - a massive, technologically challenging project. The city could fold the plaza improvements into the budget. But it needs to start seeking federal and private funding now.
You heard her, Nutts. You better be getting on it. Like now.

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HughE Dillon said...

I probably wont be shopping there after all. I hear its overpriced. Strawberries $5 a quart. As much as its a cool idea to have a farmers market in City Hall, I am still able to walk to the terminal for $3 a quart.

Morty said...

Ummm ... yes, please.

js said...

why is it only open on wednesday? what a bizarre time to have a farmer's market. why not on saturday?