Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PLCB To Diminish Customer Service Even Further, Add Wine Automats To Their Repertoire

wine automats for the PLCB?Hmm.
The latest effort at modernization of alcohol sales in Pennsylvania may involve wine bottles dispensed by vending machines at supermarkets and other locations.

A spokesman for the Liquor Control Board declined to discuss details of the idea, instead pointing to a ''Request For Proposals'' on the agency’s website.

The RFP states that the LCB wants to establish “an automated, secure vending machine or similar-type kiosk capable of dispensing bottled wines to consumers”.
Ha. We have to admit that at least this is a signal that the PLCB is, at least, trying to think of ways to make wine more accessible to more people in this fine state. After all, wine for sale in a vending machine in a supermarket is a lot better than no wine at all for sale in that same supermarket.

Although, then there's this, which clearly demonstrates just how ridiculously backwards and conservative the PCLB truly is:
The PLCB may place satellite wine stores in public settings, which may, from time to time, have a heavier population of minors than others. Therefore, the PLCB is seeking a solution that prevents the viewing of wines in the wine kiosks by minors.
Right, because when kids look at wine on the shelves of supermarkets in the other 40 states with normal liquor laws, i.e. the ones at which wine is sold at supermarkets, said kids all instantly become deviants, alchies, malfeasants and the like. Just by seeing that wine exists. Oh wait, no they don’t.

Way to take a decent idea and undermine it immediately by adding your requisite helping of crazy, PLCB. Well done.

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