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Hotel Hotwire: Is Kimpton Putting a Rooftop Bar On Its Palomar Philadelphia? Good God, We Hope So.

groovedeck rooftop bar in new york city, via the new york timesSo B. Maule has the intel over at Philly Skyline about Kimpton removing the old communications tower from the top of the Architects Building. (And sure enough, there it is being dismantled right in front of our very eyes.)

Sidebar: for those of you who haven’t been following along, Kimpton Hotels is converting the Architects Building at 17th and Sansom into one of their Palomar Hotels — it’s going to be hot.

Brad also wonders whether Kimpton will be using the roof as a terrace for their guests, even eliciting a “we don’t know at this time” response from the Kimptom PR folks.

What we will say is this: putting a rooftop bar, lounge and terrace up there would be a super, duper, fantastically amazing idea on the part of Kimpton.

Let’s review the facts: rooftop bars are awesome pretty much wherever you put them. On a one-story storefront in a formerly unkempt part of town, or thirty floors up, looking out on the city.

(Speaking of which, the neighbors of Continental Midtown who complained about “noise” and forced Starr to enclose most of that rooftop bar should all be taken out back and shot.)

Moreover, the location of Philadelphia's Hotel Palomar is particularly appropriate for a rooftop bar. Why? Because right next door to the Architects Building you have Davio’s and Club Quarters in a historic, 12-story bank building. Nothing too remarkable on the surface, right?

Unless, that is, you have had the opportunity to visit Davio’s penthouse-level banquet space on the building’s top floor, where two outdoor rooftop decks literally put you in the middle of the skyline. You can almost touch Two Liberty Place. The shit will make your dookie twinkle. No lie. (Seriously, we once fell in love up there.)

And that’s just a private party space.

Imagine a rooftop bar and lounge like that open to you, open all the time. You really don’t have to imagine it, though, as they’re all over the place in Manhattan and elsewhere. Not surprisingly, a lot of them are at hotels. (But if you haven’t been — take our word for it: they definitely have their purpose.)

And the Architects Building is taller than the Davio’s building, so it would have an amazing, unobstructed view of Liberty Place, Two Liberty Place, the Comcast Center and more.


We’d like to take this opportunity to formally petition Kimpton’s development team to indeed add a rooftop bar, lounge and terrace (shit, and restaurant too, if there’s room) to the forthcoming Philadelphia Palomar at 17th and Sansom.

For serious, yall. We’d love you that much more.

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